Message from the chairman of the board;

Sey Holding's valuable industry stakeholders and business partners are our very valuable industrialists and colleagues.

Since we took the first step in the sector, we have been able to complete good works and projects and announce our company name. We have added value to our company every day with our competent management team and my professional colleagues in the field. We succeeded in being a strong and solid team with the understanding of investing in people first. We managed to meet these needs by creating an organization that is open to innovations required by the age, and by taking very confident and solid steps in line with the needs of the region. We are proud of increasing our growth rate with our trust-based business partnerships and being one of the few iron and steel companies in our region.

The big-budget works, quality and just-in-time delivery, and the importance we attach to innovation with our domestic and foreign business partners, which we have been continuing in the textile industry for 32 years, received great applause from the community. Signing long-term contracts with our American and European business partners enabled us to make significant turnovers in this sector. Quality products and ethical trade not only opened new doors, but also increased our company's reputation in a positive way.

The days when we said that we exist in the tourism sector, we immediately started the construction of bungalow houses, and we realized our projects in Sapanca, which amazes people with its nature.

Our stance with respect to the values ​​of society and the environment, our successes reinforced with trust and stability motivate us every day, and we aim for success in everything we do. We would like you to know that it is time to announce the quality works we have done in our beautiful country to the world, in this context, we have started all the necessary works for export, we are in contact with the necessary markets and we have taken our company to the next level. As Sey Holding, we would like to say that we will never leave the principles of trust, quality and ethics, and that we will always strive to move our brand and company forward in everything we do.

Kind regards;
Muhammet Bagishan GEYLANI